Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our St. Patrick's Day

Nary a year passes here without our family celebrating St. Patrick's Day. My husband's family couldn't be more Irish (on his father's side) and my own has a good helping of Dear Old Eire in there, as well.

This year, as in many past, it was all about the food. We started the day off with a Full Irish Breakfast - minus the black and white puddings as I would be the only one to eat those, and the cost wasn't something I was willing to pay just for me. Not one of us could finish the whole thing and there were quite a few leftovers from it. No matter, we put those to good use later.

Dinner was Corned beef and Cabbage (with potatoes and carrots) and Irish Soda Bread.

Corned beef with cabbage and Irish soda bread peeking out from it all.

Irish Soda Bread

After that enormous breakfast, but before dinner, those of us at home walked downtown to Donegal Square and Moravian Book Shop - two of my favorite places in Downtown Bethlehem. On the way we noticed quite a few glorious signs of spring.

Poor little Lara wanted to go, but she didn't want to be in that stroller!

Ian is happy to go wherever!

Donegal Square - we've been shopping here for years!

Irish dancers in front of Donegal Square.

The Gourmet Market section of Moravian Book Shop - my favorite spot.

Snow Drops - Beautiful

Buds on the trees.


Purple Crocuses

More buds on the trees

Not a hugely celebratory day - just good time with family - and if you're Irish, that's better than anything.


Elle said...

Delicious food and a beautiful day--what more could you ask for?

Annie Jones said...

We aren't Irish, but we had an Irish-style dinner. This was my first year to make soda bread and colcannon. The bread was good, but the colcannon was amazing! I won't be waiting until next March to make it again.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ! The weather is gorgeous over here too but the plants and trees are still hibernating.


Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Great food and some good time spent with family. Isn't that what it's all about?

toontz said...

Beautiful Spring photos, Anne. We aren't so lucky to have flowers (yet). Thanks for that little bit!

象さん said...

I want to try the SodaBread, I think. Yummy reading, our weather is about the same judging from the flowers.

Hiya Anne

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Michelle Rittler said...

Seeing those pictures of downtown Bethlehem make me miss the Lehigh Valley even more! GO LEHIGH! ;-)