Sunday, October 05, 2008

The KFC $10 Challenge? I'll Take That.

Have you seen the newest add campaign from KFC? It portrays a mother and two kids at a grocery store trying to rustle up the ingredients for a fried chicken meal without going over $10. They can't seem to clear this hurdle, so they head off to KFC for dinner, instead. You can watch the ad HERE.

I think with the recent financial woes this country is facing that this is just a bad idea. I can take that same $10 and make that meal twice. When was the last time you were at KFC? The so-called sides are pitifully small and the belief that you could really feed your family of 4 on a meal like that is even more pitiful.

Here's what they are pitching: 7 pieces of chicken (please note that they count wings as a full piece), one side and 4 biscuits. I know complete incompetents that could make that meal for less than $10.

Just in case you're wondering about the ability to accomplish this, check out the LOK/CWA Challenge from May/June, which was to feed your family for a dollar or less per person, and the submissions HERE. I'll be writing more on budget cooking soon, especially since we're all so in need of ideas lately, but for now, please don't be fooled by KFC and their claim.


Annie Jones said...

I agree. Fried chicken is not a rock-bottom frugal meal, but I estimate I could make a meal with 7 meaty pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and biscuit would cost me about $5.00. Not to mention I'd have both wings and the back left for making soup.

(I cut the wishbone out of the breast before I the split the rest of it, for a total of 3 breast pieces.)

Anonymous said...

I think you're right on this...but the Colonel's fried chicken sure is delicious!

(I am a sucker for fast fatty food.)

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

You are so right! KFC also had an ad that the chicken was healthy food and low carb. Do you remember that one? I think they were forced to pull the ad. I admit I like to eat a piece evry 2 or 3 years because it tastes good, however I then have to drink a gallon of water to get rid my thirst and all the sodium I ate.

Ranae said...

LOL! I just saw that commercial last night and told my hubby that I could do it for under $10!

Especially since I have a cool cookbook that lets me cook lower fat, copycat fast food meals (KFC being listed in there too!)

I love KFC chicken, but that commercial didn't impress me at all.

Anonymous said...

"It portrays a mother and two kids at a grocery store trying to rustle up the ingredients for a fried chicken meal without going over $10."

It would be more accurate to show the mother trying to rustle up the deductable on her medical insurance after her family starting getting sick from eating that greasy mess they call "food".

Anonymous said...

You're right.. $10 isn't what i would spend on KFC. I can do much better buying a roasted chicken and sides at Walmart any day of the week.

Denise said...

I worked up a version of this to serve my family a REAL dinner & came in under the $10 easily. I used 2 lbs of chicken & 3 sides plus a dozen biscuits.

Annie Jones said...

I finally saw, or rather, I overheard, one of these commercials on TV. In the one heard, they also something like, "You can't make it for less than $10. In fact, you can't make it at all because you don't have the Secret Recipe."

I guess that's their cover-your-butt disclaimer.

John H said...

When I told my son that the family was buying 5# of flour when they needed a dimes worth, well needless to say he was disolusioned(as well as the other ingredients.)