Monday, February 26, 2007

Product Review: Nestlé Chocolatier Premium Baking Chocolate

This smile brought to you by Nestlé Chocolatier via Lauren Kozak at m80. That cookie is a Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookie that was made with one of the complimentary bags of Nestlé Chocolatier that was provided by the folks at m80.

I picked up three bags of
Nestlé Chocolatier;

53% Cacao Dark Chocolate Morsels
53% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chunks
62% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Morsels

Each bag was 10 oz., a little less than I am used to seeing in a bag, but not so much that it made any difference in recipes. The morsels are larger than standard chocolate chips, but I liked that. Each bag (or bar) includes a recipe on the back, and not all of the recipes are the same. I liked the variety there.

I decided on three different recipes-two of Nestlé's and one of mine, to be sure the results were true. I made the
Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Dark Chocolate Truffles that were on the back of the bags, and my own Chocolate Mousse Torte-modified slightly to match the amount of morsels in the bag. The chocolate was easy to work with, melted smoothly and tasted great right out of the bag.

All three were fabulous, decadent, rich ... SINFUL. The flavor of the chocolate was very full without being bitter or overwhelming. This is just good stuff.

Before you rush out and buy some for yourself (I know you will) take a look at the
Media Player from m80 and Nestlé. This is a really nifty little tool filled with photos, recipes and even videos!

Thanks so much, Lauren,
m80 and Nestlé for including our family in this-the kids love you for it.

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KFarmer said...

I'm gong to have to tell my friend Ducky about these- she LOVES dark chocolate. Thanks for the heads up :)