Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Now what?

So, what to do with all that produce we bought? So far I have made more gumbo (can't ever get enough of that), fresh salsa, chili with an extra helping of veggies, the corn on the cob was your basic slathered-in-butter feast, cantaloupe was eaten as-is and with cottage cheese, and on the chopping block next is peach pie, a Georgia Cheesecake Pie, apple pie, breaded and fried squash, ratatouille, the acorn squash will be simply roasted, the baby yellow tomatoes are great in a salad and those cherries are just fine as is.

We had the angel food cake with freshly whipped cream and the shoo fly pie didn't last long enough for me to know exactly who ate it.

Click the linked words above for recipes and here are two more:

Fresh Salsa
Printable Recipe

3 large ripe tomatoes skinned, seeded, and chopped
1 small white onion chopped
3 garlic cloves minced
jalapeno or Serrano chiles (as many as you like) stemmed,
seeded, and chopped (or 1 small can of chopped mild green chiles)
1/4c. chopped cilantro or flat-leaf parsley
1 lime-juiced
1t. kosher salt
1t. sugar if the tomatoes are acidic

Combine all and mix well.
Allow flavors to blend for at least 1 hr.
Taste for seasoning and serve at room temperature.
Refrigerate unused portion.


Anne's Ratatouille
Printable Recipe

1 medium onion, peeled and diced
1 clove garlic, minced
3 T olive oil
1 small eggplant cubed
1 medium zucchini cubed
1 medium green pepper seeded and diced
1 can (15 oz.) tomatoes, chopped and undrained
10 mushrooms (white button) sliced
1 t each basil and oregano
1 t salt
1 T parsley chopped
1/3 c Parmesan

In a large skillet cook onion and garlic in olive oil until onion is translucent.
Add remaining ingredients except cheese and stir well. Cook on low, stirring once in awhile, about 25 minutes until tender and liquid has evaporated.
Remove from heat and stir in cheese. Serve warm or cold.


KFarmer said...

All sounds so fresh and yummy!

I noticed you only have 80 more days to go--- are you getting ready? :)

Puck said...

Ummmm, you could mail me your leftover gumbo!!!

Anonymous said...

Again - thanks for your recipes. I have left over (from other recipes) both eggplant and zucchini. I'll be making Anne's Ratatouille today. Everything today sounds so good.


Anne Coleman said...

K-no! I'm way behind at this moment-on more than one plane. Babies don't need much beyond a diaper and mama for those first few weeks anyway ;o)

Nino-get your own lol Or better yet, make it! Do you not read recipes when you come here? I'm shocked.

Cas-anytime dear-let me know how it turns out for you!

KFarmer said...

true, true... I'm just so excited-:)

Annie Jones said...

I needed a ratatouille recipe and I knew I'd find a good one here. I'll probably be making it this week. :)

(BTW, your word verification was "norbally". That's how I norbally sound when I hab a cold.)

Anne Coleman said...

Aie, your comment made me LOL! I think captcha (even the word itself) is very funny sometimes.