Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back Door Bakeshop

A few years ago I had the distinct pleasure of living just behind the Back Door bakeshop, the creation of Gail Lehman and Dina Hall. I'm not quite sure exactly how I learned of this wonderful little bakery, but I showed up (late!) on Grand Opening day in 2009 and snapped photos, sampled goods and wrote about it.

Now, nearly 4 years later, they've moved and expanded. The new bakeshop is located in downtown Bethlehem at 92 E. Broad St. In fact, yesterday was their Grand Opening and this time, I missed it. They now have al fresco seating when the weather is lovely and you can stop in and buy all kinds of yummy things directly from the shop. This is a big deal. Once upon a time the only way  to get these goodies was to be a neighbor (*wink*) or pick them up from local spots in the valley and at the Bethlehem Farmer's Market - which you can still do - check out the Grab-n-Go items page!

My youngest son, Ian, and Gail took an instant liking to one another and Ian often tells me that he misses her and having the shop nearby (he used to get to see her pull up to work in the old neighborhood).

Back door bakeshop brownie
Eating things we shouldn't ... we also had a chocolate salted brownie.

I stopped by recently with two of my girls and we feasted on things we shouldn't have: brownies and iced coffees laced with sugar and cream. We had I don't regret one bite or sip. The weather was beautiful and we sat outside and watched the cars go by and simply relaxed.

If we hadn't just eaten lunch I'm sure we would have grabbed one of the new menu items such as quiche, sandwiches, or salads. The menu changes often so it's always something new and delicious when you stop in. (Check out the weekly menu HERE)

See why he's so likable? How cute is that? Ian holding the Onion, Apple and Ale Relish

One of the best things sold at Back Door are the jams and jellies. They simply are not the norm and not what you'd expect. We took home the Onion, Apple and Ale Relish and talked about everything we wanted to use it for. While we really think it would be fabulous on grilled pork or chicken, Gail told us it's awesome in a grilled cheese.

Rye bread, Onion, Apple and Ale Relish, smoked turkey and Swiss cheese. So good.

We (my son, Ian and I) paired it with Swiss and smoked turkey on rye and the sweet tart flavor of the relish was the perfect foil for the nuttiness of the cheese and tang of the bread. We can't wait to get our hands on more and also pick up a few of the others especially Raspberry Jalapeno Jam and Roasted Garlic Jelly - yes, you read those right! Don't they sound divine? Who knows what we'll come up with for those two. The best part is, if we're stumped, Gail knows the perfect pairing for each - all you need to do is ask.

I'm sad that I no longer live so close, especially now that I can walk in and get whatever I'd like on any given day, but the trek isn't too far for me and I know i'll be stopping by soon as Ian is dying to see Gail and say hello!

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