Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blow It When It's Hot

Do you believe that there's not enough emphasis on soup in contemporary culture? Have you ever wondered why nobody has ever written a rap about soup? Have you ever dreamed of being in a music video about soup?

Here's a mugshot ... er, photo, of the rapper himself.

Okay... probably not, but just in case the whole idea appeals to your strange and twisted sense of humor, then why not get involved with this little project:

John Inverness is an armchair philosopher. He does philosophise about other things, but it is mainly about armchairs. John loves soup. So much so, that he has written a rap about it, based on Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot". It's very funny, but he needs a bit of moolah to make a video. He needs your help.

Head on over to watch this very silly video and drop a buck or two to help John reach his goal!

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