Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Very Veggie World and Country Crock

Fun decoration at the entrance.

Volcanoes with cranberry lava. Eggplant wagons with zucchini wheels. Pizza with mozzarella stars and tomato stripes. It sounds like a fantasy world. It's no fantasy, but it is A Very Veggie World, a book of 25 veggie-fun recipes by Clare Crespo in partnership with Country Crock.

I attended the launch of this wonderful little book yesterday in New York City with my fellow Crock Country Chronicle Correspondents. It was more than just the usual book launch, though - it included a hands-on cooking demonstration by Clare Crespo herself. We teamed up at 4 different stations and created 2 of Clare's recipes from the book, the Veggie Wagon and the Pizza Flag. Not only were both very simple to prepare (even for kids, there were several there as well) they were yummy, proving that veggies, in the spotlight and not hidden, can be delicious for grown-ups and kids alike.

Clare Crespo, the author of “The Secret Life of Food” and “Hey There, Cupcake!” is personable and sweet and her enthusiasm for all things veggie just shines. She walked us through each recipe step-by-step, stopping at each station to offer praise, encouragement and tips when needed. The children who were at the event had fun making, and especially eating, their creations as well. Each recipe used the freshest of vegetables prepared using Country Crock spread in a simple and easy-to-do manner and the results were picture perfect and palate pleasing at once. Get your own FREE copy of Clare's beautiful book at A Very Veggie World or at Country Crock.

Enjoy the photos below of some of the recipes from the book, the beautiful food served at the launch and the participants making their own versions of Clare's recipes.

One of the Asparagus Bouquets at the entryway.

Each table was decorated with these centerpieces.

Veggie Pets

Beautiful Butterflies

Fall for Them Leaves

Crocky the Caterpillar

Mt. Veggie Volcanoes

One of the framed photos of Clare's work: Veggie Stoplights and the display below

Clare Crespo greeting the crowd

The beginning of our Pizza Flag

My team, Toni, Caroline and Laura decorating the "flag"

Our finished Pizza Flag! Not only pretty, but delicious.

Hippo Dip

The main table filled with veggie goodies

Eggplant Wagons in the making

Adding sauce to the veggies that will fill our wagons

Filling veggie wagons

Eggplant Wagon train!

*Disclosure: My trip to NYC for the launch of A Verry Veggie World and my posts for Country Crock are sponsored, compensated and/or reimbursed by Country Crock and Unilever. As such, all content and opinions are required to be honest and belonging wholly to myself.

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