Sunday, January 24, 2010

Roasting Radishes

Braised Radishes
Braised Radishes
One of my favorite ways to prepare vegetables, just about any vegetable at all, is to roast them with a simple drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of Kosher or sea salt. Roasting a vegetable allows the natural juices to caramelize and add a sweetness and depth of flavor that isn't achieved by any other means of cooking.

I've roasted everything from the usual potato to the not-so-usual bunch of broccoli rabe, but radishes? Never. Radishes, whose tiny French specimen is perfect with butter and a baguette, or the more common variety-filled with spice and crunch and a staple on any salad bar in North America, were never anything I had even remotely considered roasting.

Along came the Saveur 100 issue for 2010 and the mention of roasting radishes by Donna Long. The moment I read the words on the page, "roasted radishes" I had a light bulb sort of experience - an, 'of course!' moment. COOK radishes. Why, yes - it made perfect sense, and why wouldn't it? Cooking a radish would yield a mild and tender bite.

So, I set out to cook them, but not by roasting-yet. I instead braised them, simmering the little red globes in chicken stock until it reduced to a sauce and the radishes began to caramelize. Once done, I finished them with a pat of whole butter and a sprinkling of salt. They were perfection on a plate.

Although I haven't roasted them, I plan to, and the best part is, I was so inspired that there's no telling where the veggie roasting will end ... and I don't think I'll want it to.


monicajane said...

love the pretty...

I don't like radishes raw and we got a ton of them in our CSA boxes...I wish I had thought of cooking them...well, actually I did and then I dismissed it...

next year I'll know what to do with them...sounds really good, thx.

Spicie Foodie said...

Wow roasted radishes, never has that thought crossed my mind either. Please share your opinion once you try the recipe. I'm a radish fan but only tried them raw, so I'm curious now:)

Cooking With Friends said...

Hi Ann.
And now you've inspired me!
I love roasting vegetables of all kinds too and can't wait to try radishes. Just picked up a bunch yesterday. I made roasted caluiflower last night -- a little drizzle of olive oil (ok, so a lot!), some kosher salt and a lobg bake on 400. . .perfect!