Monday, September 28, 2009

Grand Opening at Back Door Bakeshop

This past Friday was one of 'those' days; too much to do and not enough time to get it done. My oldest daughter needed to come home from school, the Celtic Classic was starting and my neighbors at Back Door Bakeshop were having their Grand Opening.

I had to make a decision which was most important to do first, and the picking up of my daughter was at the top of the list. Hey, that wasn't an easy decision to make, either. I'd heard fabulous things about the tiny one-room building across the street and I didn't want to miss my chance to stop by and snag some delicious treats - along with a few photos. The writer in me wanted to spend the entire afternoon there interviewing attendees and sitting back on the warm grass with an iced tea in hand watching all the goings-on.

As life would have it, I had to be elsewhere during ribbon-cutting time and so I had a very few spare moments with which to meet, greet and snap. Ah, well - it was far worth it.

Basket of goodies overflowing

The day was so beautifully sunny (after threatening rain) that it seemed to have been ordered for the occasion. The ribbon was cut in the presence of our mayor, John Callahan and the tables were loaded with goodies both for sampling and sale. I don't think there was a face without a smile on it when I came strolling by.

This is the ENTIRE kitchen! Can you believe so much goodness comes from such a small space? Amazing.

I was able to get photos inside and out and I made sure to take away some goodies. I grabbed Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Espresso Cookies along with a jar of Hot Pepper Jelly. Those cookies were gone as soon as I hit the front porch (that's about 50 yards away) and not just because I have a bajillion kids - they went so quickly because they were AWESOME cookies! I had to hide 2 Chocolate Espresso cookies so hubby and I could each have one.

Another bountiful basket

As for the jelly - I had some tonight on a lightly toasted English muffin and man, oh man, if you get the chance to pick up some of this ruby red gem-in-a-jar, do it! You'll have clear sinuses for sure, but in such a sweet way, you'll go back for more even if you're tearing up.

The jelly you don't want to miss

So, where do you get these delectable treats? At any one of these six spots in the Valley:

Gail Lehman, owner and baker extraordinaire and Dina Hall - her partner in more than just crime - make one dynamic duo, and although I'm sad that the business is wholesale only (well, hey - I live right behind them!) I think of it this way: It's like having six Back Door Bakeshops across the valley!

Check out Back Door Bakeshop online at their website: and be sure to follow them on Facebook.


Cheddar Cheese said...

That's good fresh bakes! said...

great blog keep up the good work

Whistle Britches said...

hey Anne!
been a long time.
was kidnapped by facebook.
feeling much better now....

sandboxgems said...

Looks like yummy treats. I have a song on my blog by Joy Williams, "One of those Days" perhaps you can relate. Have a good one!