Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ile de France Cheese of the Month: St. Albray

Cheese of the month for August at Ile de France is St. Albray - another soft-ripened cheese that has, so far, been my favorite of the edible rind variety. This cheese is equally delicious served cold, at room temperature or even melted.

Each section of cheese is an 8 ounce portion of a larger wheel that looks like a flower when intact. The presentation of a full wheel would be stunning at a large gathering.

I had in mind a stacked salad of the panzanella variety, but once I knew this cheese was on its way, I decided to do a French version of that, and this is the delicious result. The St. Albray was the perfect complement to the intense flavor of the tapenade and red peppers.

French Bread Stacked Salad with St. Albray Cheese
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

12 1/2-inch thick slices of day-old French bread
8 slices plum tomato
4 ounces bottled roasted red peppers
8 slices St. Albray cheese - rind on
1 cup prepared tapenade (my recipe is HERE)
4 basil leaves for garnish
olive oil for garnish

Lay out 8 bread slices, setting 4 aside
Layer each slice of bread with tapenade, red pepper, cheese and tomato.
Stack 2 slices of prepared bread together and top with a plain slice of bread.
Top each stack with a basil leaf and drizzle with olive oil.


Elle said...

I love this idea--it looks fabulous! Giving my hunger pangs, hehe.

chow and chatter said...

French cheese rocks!

Anonymous said...

This is my VERY favorite of the soft cheeses, and my mouth watered just thinking of it. YUM!

harshil aka slayer said...

my mouth is watering
i wish i could snatch it out of my computer
nice blog!!

kat said...

that looks quite tasty

Lo said...

What a fun salad! And it's even better because it includes that cheese. One of my favorites!

Cutecute28 said...

Very delicious the cheese!

Unknown said...
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vincent said...
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Lori Lynn said...

Great way to serve this cheese. I look forward to trying it.