Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Inspired Food

Making Pumpkin Pasties

Two years ago my editor and I at Disney's devised a series of posts about Harry Potter-inspired food. I researched as much as I could (which wasn't difficult seeing as I am a huge HP fan and the original idea to make the food was mine) and came up with several recipes that tied in with the final HP book and 5th HP movie, which were released within just weeks of one another. The kids still ask for Pumpkin Pasties.

The result is in this post and linked at the bottom of that post to the others:

Dessert at Grimmauld Place and other Harry Potter-Inspired Recipes

Have fun!


giz said...

I love everything HP and pumpkin pasties would be a perfect theme dish. You should send the recipe to Ms. Rowling :) - she'd love them. Can't wait to see the new release but have to wait until the crowds die down.

Lo said...

That's great fun!
Pumpkin pasties sound superb -- and will be just perfect as the weather cools down and the winter squash get their legs.

Will definitely check out the other recipes too!

chow and chatter said...

what a fun idea love it
By the way I changed my address to match the blog!

Unknown said...

I am trying it this weekend!!!!