Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Veggie Wednesday: Grow Your Own 2009

My very favorite part about spring here in the Lehigh Valley is the fact that I can once again garden. Each year I also make a point of blogging about it - sharing our bounty through pictures and recipes, and getting the word out that one of the best things anyone can do for our earth is to grow their own food.

Without knowing for sure where we would be living, I bought seeds anyway and planned to grow, even if it had to be in containers. To me, it doesn't really matter whether I've grown something in the ground or in a pot, but I do prefer having the space to grow more than a container would allow.

I won't have as big a garden as the past few years, but it won't deter me at all. Here is a small sampling of what I'll be growing this year.

Dill well on its way.

Mint transplanted from my old garden. I was really happy that it transfered so well.

Parsley from the old garden. This is having a harder time than the mint, but I'm confident it will take hold and get growing really well soon.

Cantaloupe, cabbage and carrots.

Morning glories from the seeds we harvested last year. I was so disappointed that we lost our seeds from a few years ago and had to start over, but I'm thrilled to have these growing so well now.

I have seeds sprouting for zucchini, eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, chives, cucumbers, sunflowers, cosmos, lavender, Canterbury bells and a set of tiger lily bulbs that I got for Mother's Day to plant. All is well when you're surrounded by so much green.


Kate said...

Your seedlings look much like Charley's... he's in bliss growing stuff, too. :-)

I'm glad so many of your plants made the move successfully! I hope you all are settling in to the new place well.

Abelha Maia said...

Congratulations for your blog.
I like your recipes and the stories you write.

Lo said...

Small gardens are still miraculous. We grow lots of great food on our tiny city lot -- and every year, when I pick that first tomato... succulent, red, and warmed by the sun...I remember why I do it!