Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fried Scallions

I love green onions a.k.a. spring onions or scallions, and although there is a slight difference between each, I use them pretty much interchangeably in my cooking. This week, though I stopped by a roadside stand near Kutztown and found lovely bunches of real-for-real scallions and brought them home.

Pretty, aren't they?

Once I had them, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them. I prefer the more delicate and smaller green onion because I'm not a huge fan of raw onions in any form. I just couldn't pass up those scallions, though and so I plotted their consumption for a couple days.

I decided on a not-so-healthy way to eat them, telling myself that they were fresh and so the dredging of them in breadcrumbs and frying in oil would be canceled out somehow.

Oh well, ignorance is bliss.

I have to say, scallions do not want to be done up in a standard breading; no way, no how. They are slippery little suckers that don't want to hold on to anything you put on them and so, the breading procedure was delicate and difficult at best. I didn't bother with flouring them, I simply went straight to egg wash and dipped the onion bulbs in a lovely panko and Romano breading and fried them in olive oil.

They met their demise in a decidedly delicious end. Perfectly crunchy and nutty outside with the Romano cheese and sweet and slightly crunchy inside. Don't be bothered by the long ends that won't be eaten, they really are just for show and one bite will have the eater forgiving you for that waste anyway. The only thing I would do differently when making them again (oh, because I most certainly will) is that I may actually deep fry them so they are done on all sides a bit more quickly.


Jaffer said...

I love green onions and I use them often ! Although I have never fried them - that is clever I'd say.

Could use the green part in salad.

Barmy Mama said...

What a wonderful idea! I never would have thought of that. :D

KFarmer said...

I think you're on to something there~ They really look yummy :)

Hungry Dog said...

Nice idea! I juts got some of these in my produce box and was contemplating what to do with them.

Amanda said...

I love green onions too! I wonder if you HAD floured them first if they would have held the batter better. Maybe flour, then egg, then breading? Looks delicious to me!