Monday, November 24, 2008

Philly Steve'steak Sandwich Recipe

What happens to everyone after high school? You know, the people you see every day during the school year but then suddenly lose contact with when graduation is over. The people you only ever see in old photos ... "Hey, whatever happened to that guy?" You know what I'm talking about.

Well, I've recently gotten back in contact with several old school pals at Facebook. No more wondering what everyone is doing! Good, bad and everything in-between, it's just plain good to be able to talk to them again.

This is another reason to find old friends - recipes. I've known Steve since grade school. He was a goofball then, and although he's mellowed a bit (haven't we all?) his sense of humor is still very much intact. He's lived one incredible life, too. I mean, he probably could write a book. He's rubbed shoulders with the likes of Thomas Kinkade and Arnold Schwarzenegger; lived in Hawaii, is former Navy intelligence and currently one of his jobs is diving at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The best part of his fascinating life is that he's still married to the same beautiful girl. That's saying something nowadays, isn't it?

All that and a recipe too - yeah, he cooks - and obviously very well. The only bad thing I can see about his life is that he's no longer able to get a real Philly Cheesesteak out there in California. No matter, he's adapted and shared the recipe with me. This is one good steak sandwich. I'd make it even if I could get the real deal right around the corner.

Philly Steve'steak Sandwich Recipe
Printable Recipe

Ground-rule: USE REAL USDA approved steak not steakum!

1 Serving:

1 New York Strip Steak
4 Dill (not sweet) pickle round slices
1 can Paul Newman's Sockarooni Spaghetti Sauce
3 slices American Cheese
1 Steak Roll (Sourdough or Italian roll)l can be substituted.
Green bell pepper slices
Onion slices

How to cook:
First freeze the steak so it is easy to slice. You can slice it paper thin if it is frozen.

After slicing - brown the sliced steak in a skillet.

Pour a tablespoon of dill pickle juice on top of the steak as it browns. Let sizzle until brown.

Lay a mixture of green bell pepper and onions on top of the steak. Let sizzle for 3 minutes on low burner.

Place one tablespoon of Paul Newman's Sockarooni sauce on top and mix it into the steak and veggies.

Use a spatula to shape the meat and veggies into an "I" shape.

Place cheese on top. Wait until it starts to melt.

Open the roll and place it upside down on top of the cheese The bottom of the roll should be facing up. Let sit for 15-20 seconds. (Don't wait too long the roll will get soggy).

Squeeze the roll, with the meat inside and turn over quickly. Set on a plate and add four dill pickle slices to the top. I like to add a little more fresh Sockarooni sauce (like it's ketchup).

Bada-boom Bada-bing!!! Philly Steve'steak. Yummy. Whip up some real steak fries to go with it and watch an Eagles/Steelers game while you eat it (the game makes it taste more authentic ). I taught myself how to make these out here because no one out here knows how to make a real cheesesteak sandwich.


Cathy said...

I love sandwiches, especially meaty, cheesy hot ones. I could eat it right now for breakfast.

Lori said...

Sounds good, btw, what is steakum? Or do I want to know?

Anne Coleman said...

Here's a link for you, Lori:

kat said...

How interesting using the dill pickle juice on the steak

Anne Coleman said...

Kat, I thought so , too! Brilliant, really.

giz said...

I'm positive I would walk a few miles for this sandwich. No guilt either after wearing off all the calories. Very yummy.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Great recipe, might try this one next week. Keep up the good work!

KFarmer said...

I think you could "throw down" with this one. :)

Reeni said...

I love cheese steaks and with American cheese! This recipe is a keeper.

test it comm said...

Now that's a sandwich!

Anonymous said...

It's my favorite sandwich... to got some nice recipes for them at Chefs.

maybelle's mom said...

oh, my, steakumms, reminds me of being a kid.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a big ol' slice of heaven.

A jazz bar I used to go to made an unbelievable Chicken Philly with peperoncinis and served it with eggplant fries. I've rigged up my own version, but it's just never the same.

Anne Coleman said...

David - Eggplant fries! That sounds awesome - the whole deal does!

Anonymous said...

We made these tonight and they were excellent! The sauce was the added touch that really put it in awesome sandwich territory!