Saturday, October 11, 2008

A 'Junking' Day

Today I went 'junking'. That's a family word for heading off to yard sales. I come from a long line of yard sale and antiques lovers, starting with my dad. I haven't been in quite some time, but there was one just up the street and it set me off on a full-out run.

I love meeting the previous owners of my new finds. Sometimes there are stories there, sometimes not. Today the story that went with several items was of an aunt who had gone off to assisted living and had no need for her things. She took very good care of her belongings and I'm glad to be the recipient of them.

I came away with some fun, and super cheap, things for my kitchen and beyond. Everything I bought today happened to be vintage. I don't have photos of the non-kitchen things, but they were: a hand-made bright orange 1970's wheelchair bag that looked really cool and was never used which I bought for my 16 year-old; a record player and 5 vinyl albums including Cole Porter, Henry Mancini and Broadway show tunes and 2 costume jewelry bracelets and a silver teapot charm in a Hess's department store box (the box is probably worth more than the jewelry!).

Here are the kitchen items I picked up:

Vintage Tupperware.

A complete fondue set, unopened.

Some vintage cookie cutters, including:

Charlie Brown and Lucy,

A cute ghost,

Gingerbread woman and man, both big and little,

Various older shapes,

Very old Ball jars which read: Ball Ideal Pat'd July 14, 1906. Very cool.


Blah Society said...

Did you get a Linus shape by chance? If so, please e-mail me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you made out like a bandit! I love the old cookie cutters. Reminds me of the times my mom and I would make sugar cookies. We also had a set from Peanuts. You can tell those Tupperware containers never went through a dishwasher. They're absolutely pristine. Great finds! Congrats.

kat said...

Nice Haul!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful finds. l had the same tupperware, don't really know what happened to it. I believe my set was gold.

Have fun!

Anne Coleman said...

AJ, no Linus. Sorry guy! You know I'd pass it on if I had it.

Kathy - and they still won't ever see a dishwasher - I don't have one! Aren't they cool, though?

Kat - you betcha.

Cas - Mom had some, too. I guess they brought on memories; I couldn't pass them up.

Chris Casey said...

I think a "Snoopy" cookie cutter would be cool.

Anonymous said...

nice haul

Lisa said...

I have those heart, club ,spade, etc cookie cutters. They were my grandmas. Great finds.

Pippin Party said...

OMG, I love those cookie cutters, especially the peanuts ones! BTW, I am loving your blog and thinking of starting a blogroll, would you like to exchange links?

KFarmer said...

What neat goodies :) I love yard sales~ and stories.

Anonymous said...

This Vintage Tupperware... wow!! it's so commom in my family!! They are so pretty! ... and I loved Easy Eggplant Parmigiana, it looks like one my parents does here. But the eggplant is sliced... looks like an lasagna!

Nice blog! :)


Anonymous said...

its looks so cute
will eat em all mauahhaha