Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekly Reviews

Bon Mangé, Inc.'s Monjay and Sorbay

We're told at every turn that vegetables are good for us; that garlic is great for our bodies, but the immediate (and sometimes lasting) aftereffects are something we could all do without. Bon Mangé, Inc. has stepped up to the plate (pun intended) and introduced a new approach to dealing with these not-so-great effects with Monjay and Sorbay. Monjay is "a yeast-derived food product that prevents garlic and onion breath, and reduces bean and cabbage family related intestinal discomfort." It doesn't add any flavors to your food and it certainly doesn't alter flavors.

SorbayPC is a palate cleansing spray mist that reduces strong food odors and residues without adding a strong mint flavor. In fact, the only thing you'll detect is a fresh and clean mouth.

Monjay and Sorbay can be purchased at the Bon Mangé website.

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