Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Veggie Wednesday: Tickle Me Plants

I know I usually write about veggies on Wednesday, but this time I'm going for all-out green. I just planted and grew the cutest little plants you'll ever see, and I'm starting to wonder about plants in general after this.

You know how we've all heard that talking to plants helps them to grow? You know how we were told that it was because plants use the carbon dioxide that we breathe out to grow? I really am not so sure that's the only reason that talking helps!

Why is that? Well, when you stroke a plant and it folds up and "shies away" from you - you have to start wondering about why. My Katie (7) shrieked with delight the moment she touched our first grown Tickle Me Plant and it "pulled away" from her! I have to admit that I was fascinated as well and we called the whole family over to witness the same. They all love these little plants and check on them daily to see how they are growing. I can't wait for the flowers to grow and see the plants fully developed.

Our plants actually grew in just two weeks! We had 'tickle leaves' on ours within 3 weeks. I can't think of any other plant that has grown that fast. You have to see these for yourself, and you can do that HERE. Watch the video, read all about the plant itself, and order one to have for your own! You really won't be disappointed, these are just FUN to have around.


Ben said...

That's an amazing story. I wish I had the patience to take care of a garden. Maybe if I move back to Mexico I will have one throughout the whole year. That'd be cool.

Anonymous said...

Update I had purchase the kit and now my TickleMe Plant even flowered. It is so amazing to see the leaves fold up like an accordion! I am getting several more kits to give away for the holiday