Saturday, August 23, 2008

Smashies are Luvli!

We just sampled Smashies Organic Fruit Sauce from Luvli Foods in the Snappy Apple flavor and my kids slurped them right up. Yep, slurped. This apple sauce is like no other. When I was first pitched these as a mess-free snack alternative, I didn't believe it. I mean, my kids can make a mess out of anything. These are the exception. They are pure organic applesauce with no added sugar, salt or fat in a pouch with an 'sippable' opening.

The kids tore into them and had them gone in no time. I mean, they really, really liked them! They aren't the easiest crowd to please, either.

Smashies aren't in stores until October, but you can get samples for yourself at the website, a 10 pack Trade Sampler is $14.95 to anywhere in the continental U.S., which covers shipping and handling.

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much for this. I *just* found your blog this morning and found the Smashies. My friend sent my daughter Pom Potes from Germany and she LOVED them. I couldn't find them anywhere here. I just ordered a case for her for school lunches. And she read your post and checked out the Luvli site and is super excited about the new flavors--she's keeping her fingers crossed for some Strawberry ones! Thank you again! Go Steelers!