Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Foodie Bucket List

I already went through the Omnivore's Hundred, spurred on by Cajun Chef Ryan. He left a comment on my Foodbuzz profile that got me to thinking (he seems to have that effect on me).

He wrote, in reference to his own list, "Now I have 33 new things to try before I die!". I just recently saw The Bucket List (loved it, cried too much) and I thought a list of the foods I would most like to try before I "kick the bucket" would make for a fun read.

I have to limit this to 10 (although it's more likely closer to 100) so I don't run out of space. Now, some of these foods are things I've had, but not in the proper arena, so that's been added as well.

So, read my list, grab this for yourself, and spread the word!

My Top Ten Foodie Bucket List

1. Bouillabase - within sight of the Mediterranean.
2. Tunnbrodsrulle -(HERE as well).
3. Gumbo, étouffée, jambalaya and muffuletta - all in NOLA.
4. Cafe au lait and croissant in Paris.
5. A chili-cheeseburger and hot dog at Texas Wiener II. (Again)
6. Sushi. Nope - never had it - I live a horribly sheltered life. Done, and DONE many times since 2009!
7. Paella in Valencia.
8. Maryland crab cakes.
9. Poi - in Hawaii, preferably!
10. Shawarma - missed my chance this year at Musikfest.

Ten shouldn't get anyone too far - maybe a year or two - but since most of mine involves globe-trotting, I figure it makes for a more interesting list and something to shoot for.


Savemybenz's Autoblog! said...

I would like to have number 5, and you really need to try number 6.

Anonymous said...

I once did the poi in Hawaii thing. I was trying to convince myself I would be the one white guy in the world to actually like it, but nope, it was awful.

Still a good experience to have, though. :)