Friday, August 15, 2008

Eagle Snacks are Back!

Do you remember Eagle brand Snacks? I do. I'm old enough to remember the original 'A' shaped pretzels put out by Anheuser Busch as a snack to go with their beers.

I would accompany my step-father to a local grill to pick up cheese steaks and we would sit at the bar waiting for our order. It was then that I picked up my first Eagle Snack and fell in love with them. I was very happy to find that Eagle snacks were back.

We sampled all 7 flavors of the new Poppers and Bursts and and the kids couldn't keep their hands off them. So far the favorite is Honey Barbecue Poppers. Running a very close second is Salt & Vinegar Poppers. I wasn't too crazy about the Caramel Dulce de Leche Bursts, but that's OK, my husband finished the bag single-handedly. I can see us purchasing these new snacks often since there's a flavor that everyone seems to favor. I'm not surprised at all, they're just as good as I remember.

Don't forget to check out the website - if you're anywhere near my age, you'll love the vintage Eagle Snacks ads!

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Annie Jones said...

We tried the Sweet Onion Poppers not long ago. I thought they were just ok. Nothing to write home about. But I would like to try the Salt & Vinegar poppers; haven't seen them anywhere yet.