Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where's Tony?

Now, wouldn't that be fun? A little game based on Where's Waldo?, but with the goal being to figure out where Anthony Bourdain would be each week hosting his No Reservations show. Well, no need to guess, at least for this week. Allow me the pleasure of telling you.

This week (July 28, at 10pm EST) finds Anthony Bourdain and his brother in Uruguay. If you thought the Columbia episode was delicious, wait 'til you see this! ‘Meat the Bourdains’ is all the meat you can stand, and more. Here is a CLIP of the newest episode, and you can find a post about the trip by Anthony's brother, Chris Bourdain, HERE. As always, Tony will be posting about the trip at his blog, HERE.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the Uruguay episode! Colombia was so awesome. I recorded parts of it to show to my Spanish students. I'm sure Uruguay is going to be the bomb.

Anonymous said...

i never even hear about uruguay

Beth said...

His show is incredible as is he!