Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Veggie Wednesday:

A couple weeks ago I came across a quirky little video about garlic scapes, something I had seen quite a bit but knew nothing about. By the time the video (which also captivated my 18 year-old daughter) was over, I knew all I needed to know and picked up some scapes on my trip to the local farmer's market. Man, were they good. I knew they would be though, because I had that great video to teach me. Where did I find this little gem?

So, what is Well, it's Eric, this guy who describes himself thusly, "I have this eclectic background and know enough to be dangerous about many things. And I have this compelling drive to share with everyone the stuff that swirls through my head, whether the world wants it or not."

He made these great little down-home videos and pitched them to the big guys. They all turned him down (and I know they'll be sorry some day!) so he did his own thing and developed His videos are not the highly polished type with a host carrying a plastered-on smile and never getting any dirt under his nails. Nope, these are the real deal. Fun, oftentimes funny, informative and made in such a way that you want to run out and get started on a new project or plant a new veggie as soon as the end credits roll.

Wait! It doesn't end there, he's also got The Green House; If it's green, it's there. Forums, groups, videos, blog posts, you name it.

Now, here's one of those videos I'm so fond of. This one is How to Make Rhubarb Sauce (I know the width is "off", but it's still viewable - sorry!):

Now, I know you want to rush off and get you some rhubarb, but hold off long enough to go check out, won't you?


Jane O' said...

Thanks for the link. I just watched the artshow at the hardware store. I really enjoyed it. I'm going to bookmark that site and check back often.

Annie Jones said...

Thanks for sharing the video and links. I'll be checking out some of the other videos as I get the time.

kat said...

thanks for the great link. Now don't you wish garlic scapes were available all the time? i do.

Unknown said...

hey anne, thanks for the post about Gardenfork. I'm smiling with an uplastered smile right now.

best, eric. v Gardenfork, Real World Green, & The Green House

Anonymous said...

thanks for link anne.