Sunday, March 09, 2008

Be back soon!

Some spring cleaning is being done here at Cooking with Anne and will take a little bit of time-not too long, I promise. I'll be back ASAP! Keep checking back for the new look!


thepowerguides said...

come and do some of ours if your bored mind you no stretch of the imagination would you call the snow coming down outside spring like


Anne Coleman said...

Not likely! With 7 kids I don't need extra cleaning.

Besides, web cleaning is a tad less strenuous--at least physically.

thepowerguides said...

and I thought you may be up for a challenge only 17 animals in our care and that is just the "domesticated" used loosely web spring cleaning i thought web cleaning was a never ending project you must have it pretty well organised

OMG 7 kids I will stick with 3 older not at home and our 17 animals


Anonymous said...

I love the new look!