Monday, February 18, 2008

Product Review: Senseo Deluxe

I love coffee. I'm addicted to coffee. If I could get coffee in an IV drip, I'd do it; the faster, the better. That's where Senseo comes in. It's fast, it's good, and there's no coffee left behind to burn and be rendered completely unsafe for human consumption. OK, well, unsafe is pushing it, but really, how long can you drink burnt coffee before your stomach lining is gone? See? Senseo is good for your health.

All silliness aside, this thing really works. Add water to the reservoir, pop in a coffee pod, turn it on and there you have it. Fresh coffee and consistent flavor, cup by cup, each and every time. I tried the Dark roast that came with the machine and also bought Sumatran blend - both were great.

It takes up no more room than a regular coffee maker, you can brew two cups at a time, and it looks totally cool.

What other reason do you need to want one? If you'd like to purchase a Senseo for yourself, I have 5 coupons for $20 off a system - but ONLY 5! Email me at irishones7 (@) with your mailing address and I'll shoot one off to you ASAP! There's also a neat little brochure with each coupon with more details on the Senseo.

Once again, if you click the link above, you can fill out a very short form and see if you can get one for just shipping and handling!

Senseo was provided by Charlie Kondek of Hass MS&L. This is not a paid product endorsement.

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