Friday, February 01, 2008

Are you a Great Cook?

If you look to my left sidebar, you'll see the Great Cooks Blogroll widget. Jill of Simply Daily Recipes has come up with this little gadget to compile great food and recipe blog links. There are already several of my favorites there; Chef Tom Cooks, No Fear Entertaining, MomCooks and What's Cooking? to name a few.

If you'd like to join too, click on the header of the blogroll, check to make sure you meet the criteria and fill out your info for Jill. She'll send you all you need to add it to your own blog.

3 comments: said...

Thank You Anne!

I know you're a busy woman, and I appreciate you taking time out to write about Great Cooks blogroll.

You're a good friend.

Ben said...

Aww Thanks for considering my blog as one of your favorites :D Yours is one of my favorites as well. I also wrote about the great cooks blogroll is such a great way to meet people.


Anonymous said...

I just noticed you have the Meijer Healthy Living site listed in your sidebar. I didn't realize Meijer was in PA, too! That site has saved my butt on more than one occasion when I was just tapped out for ideas for a weekly meal plan. I also subscribe to Menus 4 Moms. Just thought I would tell you that :)