Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Veggie Wednesday

The Lehigh Valley Vegetarians now has a website! If you live in or near the Lehigh Valley, Pa give them a look. Meeting announcements, veggie articles, tons of resources and a listing of organizations are all there in one spot. A truly great resource, a long time in the making, for the LV.

Also check out
Eating Healthy Nutritious Food with the URI FEAST for a whole host of veggie friendly and healthy recipes and tips!

Jackie's website,
The Vegan Diet, is full of real-life information and recipes that any "veggie" shouldn't miss!

This link is for my bean-loving veggie friends - BEANS - too funny not to share!

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Whistle Britches said...

Okay, exactly how do I get there from here?
I think I took a wrong turn somewhere in Tennessee....