Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Veggie Wednesday: Collard Greens

I know some people don't like greens at all, but I can't see what's NOT to love. Not only are they one of the greenest greens (which makes them really good for you-there's loads of calcium in these), they're inexpensive and versatile. This is my personal recipe for greens, but you could easily make it vegan (and healthier) by leaving out the bacon and adding a drop or two of Liquid Smoke. If you don't like the flavor of meat at all, leave out the Liquid Smoke and turn up the flavor with garlic and extra cayenne.

Gorgeous Greens!

Collard Greens
Printable Recipe

2 lbs collard greens
(I found some beautiful organic ones from Lady Moon Farms at my local Giant store)
4 slices of bacon - diced (optional)
1 small onion - sliced thin (also optional)
1 cup water or stock - chicken, vegetable-whatever you like
2 T apple cider vinegar
cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt to taste

Wash collards in several changes of water and remove the thick stems. I fold the leaves in half and rip the stem right out from bottom to top. Cut up or tear into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.

Cook bacon and onion together in a large pot until bacon is crisp and onions are caramelized. Add water or stock, vinegar and greens. Lid and simmer for an hour or more until the greens are tender. Add seasonings and serve up with cornbread!


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

This recipe sounds yummy!

Wild wave. :D


Cakes said...

will be brave and try this...

Anne Coleman said...

Heya Nut! *Waving wildly back*

Cakes, dear--these were SO GOOD. My oldest daughter, who hates all things green, gave me a thumbs up for these!

KFarmer said...

and you know I love me some collards! Its a staple down here :)

Anne Coleman said...

K-Girl, my mom stopped by while I was washing my greens and asked if I had a ham hock--and then proceeded to "tut-tut" me with, "Now, you can't make greens without a ham hock!" I told her I had vinegar, and she softened a bit LOL

Kanani said...

Hi Anne,
I was raised on all sorts of greens, and I wonder why so many have gone "out" of style. When I made collards for my husband the first time and used bacon, he was horrified. He'd never heard of such a thing!

Your blog is great.

Anonymous said...

I just love greens - especially collard. I've never put an onion in the pot, but will do so next time.

And what does the vinegar do?


Anne Coleman said...

Cas, the vinegar is just a preference for many. Some serve it on the side-I like mine right in the pot.

Kanani-well, greens are good any ole way, but I do love bacon in them!

CC said...

I am a southern girl..Texan, and there's nothing better than collards and hot buttered cornbread. I can't wait to try your version..thanks..
Cizzie..aka CC