Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Someone wake me up when it's all over...

My husband has gone and hurt himself on top of his hurts. He fell on black ice yesterday at the kids' school and BROKE HIS FOOT. Honest.

We really are Irish; if we didn't have bad luck, we'd have none.

He'll be sitting for two weeks until this heals up. It's good that it wasn't so bad, but it sets his therapy back just that much further.

I think I wasn't waiting on him enough and he wanted more meals-on-trays.


KFarmer said...

Oh hun... I'm so sorry to hear that. We've not had broken bones here (knocking on wood) but I know about which you speak. Sending my love to you and yours with good wishes for better times.

Jenni said...

Well, shewt, that's because everything tastes better when served on a tray!

Seriously, I am SO sorry that this happened!! I hope he heals quickly...your quote about Irish luck is very funny (I'm in no way Irish so it was new to me)!

Whistle Britches said...

I just went back and read your blog about your husband's condition. holy cow. You've sure had it rough.
My family can understand a little bit about what you're going through.
I had congestive heart failure at the age of 44. I am 47 now.
We went through some very rough times with me not being able to
work. It took 3 years for my disability to go through Social Security.
That's when my interest in cooking started. I used to believe that I was too dumb or something to be a good cook, or maybe it wasn't macho enough. haha. look at me now. Mr. Macho stay at home dad. We've adjusted, though we still have some tough times.
I'd like to encourage you to contact my wife through email on her blog. She is a great encourager and prayer partner.

Truth said...

Oh my, how did that happen? I'm so sorry to hear he has injured himself yet again.

Anne Coleman said...

Thanks, everyone! Joe-I will go check out your wife's blog (well, again, I should say lol) we're birds of a feather, it seems.

Cakes said...

"It's good that it wasn't so bad"

This should be your family motto! LOL! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Anne. You are truly an inspiration. Prayers coming your way as I type.

princess peg (aka Molly)

Anne Coleman said...

Cakes-LOL I agree!

Molly, dear-thanks so much for stopping by! I love "seeing" you!

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm so sorry. Please send my best wishes to your husband.

Irish is good, just not at times. It's time for some good luck now.

Cas (also Irish)