Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Of Birthdays and Cookies and Cakes

Today is my Erin Maureen's birthday--she's 11!

I made cookies for her to take to school based on the monogrammed cuties I posted about at I thought cookies would be a nice change from the usual cupcakes that everyone sends for birthdays.

I used royal icing for the cookies and colored them with a packet of unsweetened drink mix. I did this accidentally when I made the batch for Cookies to Caviar. I needed a really red color for the cookies and was completely out of red food coloring; way to plan ahead. I searched the cupboards and found a tropical punch flavored packet of drink mix and it was the PERFECT color. Not only was the color great, my kids told me the cookies tasted like SweeTarts.

So, knowing I would be making these cookies for Erin, I decided to go with the SweeTart flavor and used cherry and orange to color and flavor the cookies. It's a decidedly delicious difference that you really should try.

Here are her cookies and the cake I made with cheated store-bought letters.


Anonymous said...

Have a very Happy Birthday Erin.

Those cookies look good. And so does the cake!

Truth said...

I love it! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Erin! 7 Kids and you cook and bake and blog-YOu are my hero!
The drink mix for coloring is a Kool idea.

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

cute cookies, and i just love that cake!

KC said...

You are the best mom ever. So creative.

Pippin Party said...

Oh my, I made a sun cake like a long time ago- thanks for the pic, reminds me of a fond memory!