Monday, December 03, 2007

My Bread Towel

I love baking bread, and this is my beautiful bread towel covering dough for a Moravian sugar cake I'm making for another post. It's made from an old feedsack that my mother hemmed and added a tab to so it could be hung. It's getting old and worn thin from all the use it's seen over the years. I can't say it's a bread towel only, though-I use it to cover any yeast dough that I make and it's seen it's fair share of rolling pumpkin rolls and holding hot bread or rolls fresh from the oven.

I haven't found another print like it, and I don't expect to, but it will be replaced with another feedsack equally as pretty. I imagine when the time comes I'll wash it one last time and fold it gently to keep away in my grandmother's hope chest.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Annie, how beautiful! My mother tells how her own mother made dresses out of a feed sack for her and her sisters, and now I can see why! Gee, I wish I had one of those now. What an heirloom you have!

I am fascinated by anyone who loves to cook. I want to like to cook, but I just don't enjoy it. The only time I really have fun cooking is at Christmas, when the kids and I bake and decorate cookies. What a mess we make, but worth every moment of clean-up time!

I posted a comment before this, but not sure it went through. So, if you receive two nearly identical comments, that's why. :-)

Blessings to you!

Anne Coleman said...

Renae, and I am totally the opposite, I can't understand NOT liking cooking-lol Thanks for stopping by!

Geo said...

There's something wonderfully sweet to me about this post. Thanks.

SheR. said...

Ah.. Bread cloths... remind me of my mum. She sews every one of my dresses. She even has a "dress" for our oven! We have lots of bread cloths too! Most of them are reduced to yeast and gluten cloths :P

Kathryn & John said...

How funny. I never really thought about it until this post, but I have my own `bread towel'. Not from a feed sack, but a pretty little towel I use--and only use--to cover my bread.

Sharon said...


Thanks for linking to my feedsack site! I couldn't believe, when I found you, how much we have in common. A love for these old things, living in the Lehigh Valley, and I put ginger in my fried rice, too.

Besides which, my son grows great organic tomatoes here on our farm that he sells in the New York greenmarket, his book Heirloom: Notes of an American Tomato Farmer is due out from Doubleday this summer.

Anne Coleman said...

Sharon, thanks so much for stopping by. I can't believe we both live in the LV. I'll keep my eyes out for your son's book!