Monday, December 10, 2007

Lightning Fast Update

Marty is getting better- slowly, but surely. He is on week 5 of his physical and occupational therapy--outside the home. He has been doing both since he came home, but the more intensive work has been going on for just over 4 weeks.

PT says he should be done with therapy for his hip at the end of 10 weeks, however, they are unable to say how long his hand will take. That's the same answer we get from the doctor. It was just damaged so badly that nobody can tell when he will be better--if ever. We do have to face that fact; that he may not ever use his hand as he once did. Marty is trying to come to terms with that and the fact that he may also have permanent nerve damage to his foot and have a "dropped foot" to deal with and possible bracing etc. to help with that.

He's having an MRI done soon (Christmas Eve, ugh!) on his right shoulder to see what the problem is there. They are thinking it's most likely from inactivity, but want to make sure there is no other damage there.

He also has lost part of a tooth that was laying directly under his cheek where his face hit and where his stitches are. He'll have that looked at Friday--it's most likely infected because even with the strong pain killers he is on, it's hurting him badly.

The kids all have colds running through them, and me, and slight fevers have made the rounds this past week, as well.

Christmas is certainly coming--I wish it were to be more festive this year, but things just aren't there yet--I'm hoping we have many years ahead of us to celebrate properly.

Our landlords are OK as far as the ebola virus goes. They are all home together (there are 10 of them!) and have had very bad colds and infections they are trying to deal with that seem to be antibiotic resistant. Send more prayers for them, if you would. All they are dealing with right now will make their holiday especially difficult.


cassie-b said...

Prayers to all of you. I hope Marty does well. I would think that keeping his spirits up is not an easy thing to do. Sorry about the timing of the MRI. You all have so much to deal with this year.

Hang in there!

truth said...

Still hoping he gets full mobility back. God still works miracles!

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Some years it certainly feels like the whole year has been a test...we've had 2 years of those but I can tell you from experience it gets better. I hope his MRI goes well and that his recovery speeds up! Prayers to all!

Jenni said...

(((MANY HUGS))) Anne, since I have no words...

Deborah Dowd said...

How awful that your crew is ill this time of year. Sounds like a pot of soup and some funny Christmas movies are called for. My prayers are with you all for many blessings this Christmas.