Monday, November 12, 2007

Do you lead, or follow?

Recipes, that is?

When you find a recipe, do you follow it to the letter, make slight changes, or use it purely for inspiration?

I can say for myself, I almost always change recipes around, and most times I pop a cookbook open to get inspiration or have a rough guideline for a dish. Baking is not an exception for me--I still use a recipe for approximations rather than as gospel.

What about you?


kbabe1968 said...


I make slight changes. Okay, confessing, now that I'm gluten free I make MAJOR changes! :D


Anne Coleman said...

LOL! Just a little bit!

Hey--next time you're ALL coming up here, I need to know! I thought it was just the "guys" *sigh*.

Truth said...

I almost rarely follow a new recipe exactly. My husband can't figure out why I don't. I just gotta do what seems best to me, lol.