Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby Girl is One

Lara's first birthday was yesteray--here's my girly eating her cake!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!! :)

i hope your hubby is doing well Anne.

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Happy Birthday to that beautiful child!

I hope your husband is better, too. But Anne, be sure to take good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lara.
I love the hair.

I hope your husband is doing well.

Marion said...

Happy Birthday, Lara! I'll bet she enjoyed the cake.

Hope you and your family are doing ok.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

You have a great blog and wish you well in the future!

The Zandi Zoo said...

Very cute!!!
Happy Birthday Lara!

kbabe1968 said...

Happy birthday little girlie!