Monday, November 26, 2007

Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges, Revisited

I've already written about the Blog, now let's get to the book.

This is another cookbook that I read like all the others, from cover to cover. I loved each and every page! The story of how Jean-Georges came to fall in love with Asian cuisine is wonderful and adventurous. The photographs are beautiful; full of color and very telling about life in Asia from a food-lover's view.

The recipes are fabulous; full of color themselves and complex in flavor without being difficult to reproduce. The directions for each were clear and easy to follow.

I made Chicken Samosas with Cilantro-Yogurt Dip, and I'd recommend this recipe very highly. The deep and spicy flavors of the samosas combined with the brightness of the yogurt dip was a perfect marriage and, like Jean-Georges, I would insist that the samosas be dipped before each and every bite. The samosas certainly stand alone, but the dip pulls them up to a whole new, and delicious, level.

The truest test was my 3 year-old son, who couldn't stop eating them! Yes, they are spicy, and he knew it-asking for a drink after each bite-but he had no restraint whatsoever, and I must agree with him on this!

I look forward to making many more of the recipes within the pages of Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges and urge you to get a copy of your own.


Traveler Greet said...

WOW ! Mouth watering receipes to try our hand at.

Sweet Bloging , Wishes to the blogger.

Unknown said...

Must give this a try, Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Recipe.

Jenni said...

Oh wow those look really yummy...TFS!! And laughing out loud at the adventurous three year old...wish I could get mine to try new things, but he's just not gonna go there. *sigh*

Deborah Dowd said...

These sound terrific, and I linked to Jean-Georges' blog after you turned me on to it.I guess I could ask for another cookbook for Christmas!