Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Veggie Wednesday

I know I've mentioned before, but this time is different. Usually when I walk by, they're closed. Last week, I was fortuitous enough to be walking by when they were open.

I purchased the most sinful looking dessert I laid eyes on and asked after I paid what it was. That's telling, yes? He told me "Brownie Chunk Cheesecake". Of course. I mean, what else would you call something loaded with mini brownies on the top? Heaven? I bet they thought of that. I certainly thought it once we started devouring it. It was a mini version of the full-size that they have pictured on their site (go to the
, click on cheesecakes and then Brownie Chunk) except that mine looked better. I mean, really; this is one time that the real deal was far better than the photo.

There isn't any way you would know that it was completely
, either. No wonder they've won awards and been featured in numerous magazines. The kids and I could have used a full-size cake, but I figured this little one would be the tryout. We'll definitely be going back; after all, the kids had that thing gone so fast I NEED to get another for a photo! I tried to take one, honestly, but the batteries in my camera were dead, so we were forced to eat the cheesecake right then and there.

If you're lucky enough to live between NYC and Philly, check out
(check it out anyway) for a spot near you that carries these wonderful confections!


KFarmer said...

My gosh that thing looked incredible! Who would have ever thought... but glad they did :)

KFarmer said...

ps- loved the "quote" of the day- :)