Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have NOT been idle!

Rather, I have been researching, concocting, conjuring and otherwise devising recipes and writings for posts over at , my Disney Family.com blog. Go check it out if you can, and comment there if you would!

It's been a complete BLAST doing this, and I don't plan to stop here. The only thing missing is a chance to ask J.K. Rowling how she really envisioned these foods. I have a few other recipes up my sleeve, and will post them as I get the time to test and photograph them.

Meanwhile, these are photos that would not fit over at my other blog.

Onion Soup


Pumpkin Pasties--one made and one ready to be folded

My Pumpkin Juice guy

One "little" mishap-baby playing on the floor while mommy is racing back and forth with flour on my hands--oops!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I came. I saw. I submitted a link to sk-rt! Thanks for the recipes.

KFarmer said...

What a big girl she is getting to be! My goodness and where do you get all this energy??? I want some~ please :)

Saph said...

Yum, like the look of the pasty, do you do mail order!?
Off to the Harry Potter film tonight.

Perri said...

I have never even heard of pumpkin juice! I'm so limited in my cooking.

rouel said...

I sure would like to try Butterbear. It looks yummy. It's wonderfull you can look out at your adorable tots while cooking. :->

Anne Coleman said...

Ty, everyone!