Friday, July 20, 2007

A Different Eight

Elizabeth over at has come up with a little twist on the Eight Things meme. She's listing her , and even though I did not too long ago, I'll do it again, 'cause I love food. I won't tag anybody since this , but feel free to list your own 8 in the comments!

I'm a bit of a food purist-definitely not a snob-but I do like just plain food, so not many of these will be anything pre-packaged or prepared.

1) Tomatoes. Tomatoes had to have been the first thing planted by God-no contest.

2) Olives. Those were second ;o)

3) New potatoes. Yum--I can eat these plain--cooked, of course.

4) Goat's cheese. What is the world without it?

5) Chicken. Just about any form will do. Nothing beats a slow roasted bird, though.

6) Garlic. No brainer. I know it's not really a food itself, but it's so necessary to the flavor of so many things. I know when it's there, I miss it when it's not.

7) New York Super Fudge Chunk. I've eaten a whole pint myself before. Not for some time now, but when I was pregnant with my third child, I ate a pint nightly for the last month of my pregnancy. Scary. She seems fine, though.

. I could probably eat this daily. I may not have anyone to talk to, but it's worth it.


mr coffee said...

ben and jerry's....

now we are talking! is it time for school to start yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you've got me really think about my eight. These are not necessarily in order of preference!

1. Spaghetti. Literally, if I had one food to pick to survive on the rest of my life, it would be this. You don't even have to give me the sauce, just a little bit of butter. Yum.

2. Guacamole. I prefer my recipe, but any will do. I could eat it all day. Too bad it's so high in fat--but it's the good fat, right?

3. Lasagna. A good lasagna is heaven. A bad lasagna is still pretty good.

4. Turkey tacos. I love Mexican food, but this is my hands-down favorite, right after fish stick tacos.

5. Garlic. I'll go with you on this one, Anne. The key ingredient in so many foods.

6. Cheese. I adore cheese. Pretty much everything is better with a slab of cheese melted over it. Though just eating a plain cube is heaven too.

7. Rare Steak. A perfectly cooked rare steak. OMG...

8. Mac&Cheese. You can tell I'm a mom, right? Seriously, I love the stuff, out of the box, the fancy white kind with moz, the baked kind with cheddar. Bring it on! Yum.

Anne Coleman said...

mr coffee--NO! I mean, I could use a break, but school shopping-oye-not looking forward to that!

Mirz-Rare steak--yummmmm--I can't recall the last time I had one! I adore spaghetti, too--I could probably eat it daily-it would be in my top 10 for sure-my kids get sick of it because of me lol

Anonymous said...

My 8 favorite foods.... Not sure... I'll just start listing them, and then stop when I reach 8.... Probably not the best way to do this...

(Also, I'm looking over everyone else's list for ideas!)

1) Anything with meat, tomato sauce, and mild cheese. That covers a whole range of dishes, but it simplifies my list. So, pizza, grilled Swiss cheese sandwiches dipped in French dressing, lasagna, spaghetti with provolone or mozzarella, etc. That covers that.

2) Tuna tacos! I like fish stick tacos, too, but grilled tuna makes a good beef substitute IMO.

3) Heck, any tacos. But I wanted to mention tuna tacos because they're not something you see very often.

4) Garlic anything.

5) Steak. Yes, I'm looking at Mirz's list.

6) Pizza. Wait, I already covered that in #1. Oh, I'm listing it anyway: Pizza.

7) Chocolate. But I can't have it as much as when I was a kid.

8) Oh, man, the last one already? Better make it a good one. OK: Hamburgers. Yeah, grilled burgers. And chicken. Chicken is good, too. So are turkey and mashed potatoes. Oh, and BACON! Yes, BLT's. And bacon omelets. And bacon on its own. OK, that's #8: Bacon.

And bread with butter. I'm not sure how many foods I've listed, but you're free to pick any eight of them and call them my top eight.

Anne Coleman said...

Chocolate! Did I really not list chocolate? That's nearly sacrilege.

Marion said...

Food preferences for me seem to change as I get older...but the one constant has been licorice. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fennel has become one of my favourite herbs, because it reminds me of licorice!

KFarmer said...

Gosh and I thought this was going to be easy.. I started listing my favorites and thought well, I like this too and that, so I will just pick my favorite thing; peanut butter. :)

Deborah Dowd said...


I guess I came on the scene after this made it around, so I think I will pick this one up!