Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm a GIRL!

I have been awarded a Rockin' Girl Blogger award by Rippin Kitten!

What she says of me: " a self-proclaimed foodie, her site has a lot of great recipes & insights. This is one of her three blogs. Oh, and she has seven children! Seven…whew! "

Now it's MY turn to choose 5 "girl" bloggers. If you've been tagged, place the button up on your site (only if you'd like, of course) and choose 5 other women to be given a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award!

My choices for this award are:

KFarmer at KFarmer & the Dell--K is one of my oldest and dearest "blog buddies". She is a true beauty--inside AND out, a generous and kind spirit. Her garden is to-die-for, her writing is as soothing as a mint tea on a hot day. Her posts make my day--often.

Jenni at One Thing--What's NOT to say about Jenni? She writes in a very enviable way; I wish I had half the talent she does, and this woman is a mother of ELEVEN! Beautiful, scary intelligent, and witty beyond belief ... you must read for yourself.

Krista at Going Gluten-Free--Krista is the other half of my brother, Bobby. She is one heck of a mama; smart, funnneeeeeee, beautiful, and man ... can she COOK! She doesn't just blog gluten-free recipes, she retro fits recipes that she loves and makes them her own.

Dalene at
Compulsive Writer-- Another of my oldest "blog buddies", Dalene writes about life-in-general in a not-so-general way. Her stories of kids, friends and day-to-day life along with photos of it all are something you don't want to miss.

Mary at
Fireflies and Frogs-- Yet another mom of many, she deserves and award (or two or three). She is steadfast and REAL, and doing it alone. Give her a look.


KFarmer said...

Now sweetness, you've gone and made me tear up... Thank you for saying such nice things about an old nut like myself. I'm going to tuck your words inside and hold them close.

Anonymous said...

Well, personally Anne I have always thought you rocked. Congratulations.

Have you checked out my new wordpress site? You are in my blogroll and my original "
Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!" is linked there too.

Again…Love your web log!

dalene said...

Thank you. I'm honored, really. I was just droppin' by because I do like to lurk still even though I don't seem to have time to cook anymore and I had been thinking about you because I just wrote about my dad. And that makes me remember your dad. And I wanted you to know.

Thanks again--you rock!

confessing7girl said...

hey congrats!!!!1 totally deserved!! :D

Anonymous said...

That is such a compliment. Thank you!