Wednesday, May 16, 2007


OK, from Steve at cymru66, a meme.

Rules (two of which I will break-oops):

1. The person who was tagged will just have to make an introduction and link back to who tagged you.
2. List your five reasons as to why you blog.
3. Choose five people and tag them.
4. Drop a comment on their blog to let them know they were tagged.

Here are 5 of my reasons for blogging:

1. For ME!
2. For my kids-chronicles of our food-life. I found that passed-down recipes lacked stories or notes etc. and I so wished I had them to read. I wanted my kids to have that.
3. To meet new friends.
4. To expand my knowledge of food, cooking and LIFE.
5. For my fans...I mean, readers :O) Some people actually like and READ this thing! Wonders never cease.

I'm skipping tagging anyone else; everyone I know is too busy to meme! Please, if you feel like it, grab this meme and pass it on.


KFarmer said...

I'm glad you blog first for yourself. We all have to have a little something :)

I'll tell you why I blog- it's my diary of daily life. I like looking back and seeing what I was doing the same time the year before- :)

PS- I'm making your corn fritters for a fish fry on Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining in! I know what you mean about being too busy for these tag games. I'm putting any more requests on hold too. Keep up the great work with the recipes!