Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's In My Refrigerator?

Deborah Dowd over at Play with Food tagged me with this meme and contrary to what she might think, I only have one refrigerator and a small one at that. We had a much larger one that was mega huge, but it died and this one was here, and completely usable, when we moved in.

So, what does 'lobster-taste' on a 'tuna-budget' get you? You'll be sorry you asked.

This is the front. The bottom half isn't covered in artwork since the 2 year old would just whisk it away to an unknown location and do his own artwork to it. The top is a conglomeration of magnets and pictures and notes the kids have put up. Look closely and you can see a red stripe of crayon across the bottom half.

Next is the freezer.
At the present time there are such things as IQF chicken breasts, ground beef, fresh herbs (now frozen, haha), a bag of potato puffs, half a bag of sausage patties, leftover Italian Wedding Soup, a pound of frozen peas, flour tortillas, boneless pork ribs, half of a Happy Indulgence Decadent Dips Chocolate Covered Banana that nobody liked but was so expensive that I couldn't throw away, half a gallon of PB cup ice cream, shredded cheddar cheese, gram flour, onions and celery, hot peppers, leftover bread, hamburger rolls and ice cream sandwiches.

Lastly is the main section of the refrigerator. It's a wreck. I do the shopping and the bringing in of the bags and spend the next week trying to sort out where my older girls stored everything when the put the groceries away..

In the drawers there is bagged salad mixes, oranges, carrots, cheddar cheese, American cheese and pepperoni.
On the shelves we have 2 1/2 gallons of milk, margarine, fresh broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, 2 1/2 Gatorade (EW-hubby drinks those), 3 cans of Guinness (again, hubby-YUCK), 2 jars of salsa, Parmesan/Romano cheese mix, a bunch of fresh dill, leftover veggie chili, leftover creamed spinach, 2 dozen eggs, 2 containers of sour cream (I picked one up, forgot I did and then asked my daughter to go back and get one; every shopping trip is an adventure), apple juice and a full bottle of ginger ale unopened-got that for tummy sickies and didn't drink it.

In the door is Condiment Central; the standard mayo, mustard (several types), ketchup and relish; anchovy paste, capers, balsamic vinegar, Kikkoman soy sauce, jar of applesauce, cocktail sauce, pickles, olives (2 jars of green), maraschino cherries, 2 kinds of jam/jelly, Ranch dressing, lemon juice, heads of garlic, and lavender seeds (necessary for germinating).

Not very exciting this week, sorry folks. The cupboards are packed out with stuff that I don't even want to get into!

I didn't tag anyone and probably won't~if this looks fun to you, go with it!


Anonymous said...

Kudos to you. I think you make some wonderful meals from that assortment of food. You must plan well.


Deborah Dowd said...

Wow! Most of my six kids have left home and I have an extra fridge outside(mostly water and drinks, extra eggs, etc) and a full size freezer! When things are on special, I have to stock up (we bought three turkeys when they were $.59/lb, and 4 ducks when they were $.79/lb so I would have them later) I am amazed, Anne and thanks for participating. You are an amazing woman, mom and cook!

Joe said...

We have twin 13 month old girls and our refrigerator is about as full as only your door, ha ha. I could only imagine having several children and cooking for all of them. My wife and I just created a new recipe website at and we're giving away a $300 gift card to the best recipe submitted if you are interested. We just put this website up about 2 weeks ago and are trying to make friends with all of the other recipe sites. Since yours is one of our favorites I had to let you know.

LZ Blogger said...

Looks like no one will go hungry around your place! ~ jb///

KFarmer said...

You have so many interesting things! I bought capers this past week and wonder what in the heck I'm going to do with them- I've been trying to buy something "new" that I've not tried every week or so.

PS- I'm afraid to take inventory in my fridge... its scarey in there!

Anne Coleman said...

Fun stuff, huh? I think those of you who haven't done it should!

You know me I'll have to do a post on capers! :O)

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of an episode of MTV's Cribs. I love this post!