Sunday, March 18, 2007

Salmon Napoleons

I got around to making the Napoleons I mentioned in the Ready, Set, Cook! recipes this week. There is a little difference in these; there was NO WAY I was going to pay $6.50 for 4 oz of smoked salmon (that's $26 a pound!). Not this week at least.

So, using canned (I know-wet noodle lashing coming up) I went ahead and made them. They turned out well and tasted great. I would still recommend using smoked salmon if you can afford it; the flavor is just better against the subdued flavor of the cream cheese.

I didn't write out a full recipe, but this is what I did;

Using one sheet of puff pastry, separate into thirds on folds. Cut each third into three squares. Bake as directed on package. Separate into halves when they are done and cool completely.

Cream 4 oz neufchatel cheese with a mixer. Turn speed up to high and add 1/2 cup of heavy cream in a thin stream until fluffy. Fold in 1 T each fresh dill and sliced green onion. Fold in 1 clove minced garlic.

Spread a tablespoon of cream cheese mixture on the bottom half of each puff pastry square. Top with salmon-smoked or otherwise, enough to cover the cream cheese. Top with the remaining pastry squares. Serve at room temp for best flavor.

The one in the photo was the first one-I was assembling it in the classic Napoleon style. Three layers of pastry was too much, though so the rest were done with a single top and bottom.


Anonymous said...

looks really yummy anne!

Anonymous said...

That looks unbelievably delicious. Did you make them for your whole family?

I would have liked to be there for the tasting.


Deborah Dowd said...

I have one word for youand smoked salmon on a budget- Costco. I buy the big smoked salmon filet for about $13 and then freeze it in portions- it does fine and since salmon is so good for you, it makes economic sense too! your napoleons look like a great use of smoked salmon and I am going to try it next tapas night.

Melanie said...

Those look delicious!

Anonymous said...

You are a Domestic Goddess!
And Wonder Woman too.
I am feeling nauseous with envy, but revived by the thought of your salmon napoleons. YUM!

Anne Coleman said...

Deborah-do you know, I have NO idea if there's a Costco here! I'll have to check.

Minx...well, it's more like the Domestic Dufus (just ask anyone who knows me!), but thank you for the compliments!

Anonymous said...

These look fantastic. No Costco in my area, so it looks like I'll be using the less expensive stuff, when trying this recipe.

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