Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ready, Set, Cook! #31 The rules, they are a changin'.

Before we get to it, PLEASE click on the button above, even if you have played before, for full NEW rules of play.

Today's three ingredients are:

puff pastry
smoked salmon
heavy cream

Bit of a challenge, but I have no fear that you all are not equal to the task.


kbabe1968 said...

you are just soo bad! MMMMM....

I will be making Salmon Newburg cups with Aspargus.

Anne Coleman said...

LOL I can't think of one darn thing that is even remotely healthy from this! :O)

Anne Coleman said...

Oh...I'm thinking Salmon Napoleons-savory version of the French classic.

Unknown said...

oooh...I think I can do these new rules. Gotta think on this one and I agree...nothing healthy from these choices!

kbabe1968 said...

WHAT??? Salmon is CHOCK FULL of Omega3 Fatty Acids which are VERY good for you (granted, they're probably being cancelled out by the heavy cream and all! LOL :D)