Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Bloggers to Meet!

If you regularly read my blog you will know that last year's BoB Awards was fun for me in one very specific way; I got to read new blogs and meet new bloggers!

Well, I was informed today that I have again been nominated for a blogging award (you can vote
here) at Well Fed Network. How his wonderful thing happened I shall never know. I'm loving checking out the other nominees, though! Do so yourself and see if you don't find a new good read or 2 or 5.

In addition to myself they are:

Vegan Lunchbox
Daily Tiffin
Gastro Kid


Unknown said...

I wish you the best, Anne! I was pleased to see you were nominated.

You don't know how happy I was to see someone else say something about discovering new blogs through BoB.

I am awed by all the talent out there!

Again, good luck!

KFarmer said...

I voted! Good luck!! Hoo Hoo! :)-

Also looking forward to RSC- I have been lazy way too long. :)