Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Check These Out

Unbeknownst to me my sister-in-law, Krista, recently started another blog. I'll lash her with a wet rice noodle later on, but for now check out her chronicles of a gluten-free life at Going Gluten-Free. This chick is an awesome cook (I'm starting to think you can't be in my family in any capacity unless you're a good cook) so her recipes will really be worth a look!

On another note, while I was perusing the many sites brought to my attention by the Well Fed Food Blog Awards, I got a bit addicted to
littlefoodies. Not only is this girl and her baby boy adorable, her recipes and photos of the resulting creations are just...WOW. Hop on over and take one look at that timpano and you'll be hooked too!


Ready, Set, Cook! recipes will be posted tomorrow; keep 'em coming!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I checked out your sister-in-law's blog, and tried to comment, but couldn't.

Could you please send my message to her?
"I haven't seen your gluten free blog before. I have a friend with a young child who has to eat gluten free, and I'm going to send your url to her. I think it could be very helpful for her.

When my husband went on a special diet,(not as tough as yours), I was determined to make foods that were good for him, and good to eat. I just told him that he should try to remember that I'm not quite as good a cook as I was before. But through the years, I've developed some wonderful recipes. We eat the same foods, and enjoy our meals.

Good luck on this adventure."