Thursday, December 14, 2006

The REAL Gift of Food

There is no gift I enjoy so much at Christmas as the edible kind. Whether it's a full Hickory Farms breakfast, Friendship Soup from my sister-in-law or a tin filled with lovelies such as Grandma's Chocolate Squares and fudge from my mother, nothing fills the bill like a gift of food.

I've given them myself over the years; a loaf of fresh Challah bread; a colander filled with utensils and makings for a pasta dinner; a simple brown lunch bag decorated by my children and packed with various cookies and a packet or two of hot cocoa mix.

I intended to post fabulous gift recipes and ideas but I thought instead that I should call attention to the real gift of food.

While a basket of goodies from
Dean & Deluca might be nice, a gift certificate for a supermarket or a few bags of everyday groceries would go farther and mean more to someone who really needs it.

So, before you pack up your favorite cookie mix and tie on a bright ribbon, give some thought to someone you may know (or not know!) who might benefit from a gift of real food. If you don't know anyone there are agencies and churches who can direct you to a family or individual who would be more than grateful to eat this Christmas.

One more thing; people need food every day of the year...see if you can grow your heart to encompass a few extra months of the year~I know I need to.


KFarmer said...

I've often wanted to do just that but I was afraid I would offend someone with a gift certificate for the Publix-I know I would be over joyed with such a present but I guess I am a scarey cat so I just make lots and feed folks- and they are always happy to have something out of my kitchen, such as it is :)

Anonymous said...

Annie - ILU!!!! We have such similar hearts when it comes to food, and feeding others! What a blessing you are! Thank God everyday for a SIL like you! Cannot wait to see you tomorrow! :D Krista

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy gifts of foods (and restaurant gift certificates), and often give food as gifts as well. And you're right - it would be nice to extend the gifts beyond the Christmas season.

How's that baby?

Anonymous said...

that's is so true. There is nothing better gift than the edible kind and especially if you made it yourself.

Anyway, hope you have a nice weekend!