Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still Here

Three weeks today! Here we are this morning.

I was telling some girlfriends that I made the photo black and white to cover for me being so pale lately.

Lara is all better on the jaundice front and that horrid bili "blanket" is gone finally. She has a rash and a cold though and I told my oldest daughter that she's only 3 weeks old and wrecked already, just like everything new that we get ;o)
Baby girly is really happy and quiet, a real blessing lately since things are always heading on at a tumultuous rate here.

Food is a distant memory lately, especially consumption. Nobody here seems to have picked up the cooking gene from me so we've made do with whatever is easy. I did get Thanksgiving dinner together even if it did include things like apple pie from cans and frozen crusts. We all survived it.

I'm hoping for a game of Ready, Set, Cook! really soon although I can't promise a'll have to grip the edge of your seat awhile longer!

Love to you all, thanks for all the congrats and well-wishes!


Anonymous said...

I must say - you and your baby are both beautiful!

Congratulations. I love babies, and only managed to have two myself, not enough, but I was lucky to have them. But I spend a lot of time enjoying other people's children. And that's a good thing.


I hope her cold goes away soon.

Truth said...

Anne, you look absolutely beautiful, well and of course Lara is a cutie too. Thanks for sharing the both of you with us!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture!

You look wonderful and the baby is adorable!!!

My baby is 3 now and the days of bili blankets and freaking out because it was that year when the flu was everywhere so we kept her inside for seems so far away now.

They grow up so fast.

dalene said...

You both look beautiful!

KFarmer said...

You two are simple beautiful and precious. Hope Lara gets to feeling better soon.

ally_in_canada said...

You and the baby are looking very great Annie!! It's good to know you're all doing fine!