Monday, November 06, 2006

No Baby

For anyone waiting on the edge of their seat, just remember, nobody wants this baby here more than me!!!

Someone find me the time to do it though, please?

I'll update if baby makes an appearance :O)


Anonymous said...

That's so weird, two ladies in my office were due this weekend and neither of them went into labor either!

I will be thinking about you!

KFarmer said...

Thanks for the update Anne- You know I am so excited!!

PS- Full moon... :)

Anne Coleman said...

Wednesday at the latest!!

Just saw midwife today and things are moving right along~we have "plans" for that day to get baby here!

Truth said...

Ah, I know how hard it is waiting. Guess we won't see you around for a few days if Wednesday is the magical day. Hope everything goes well and you have the best labor/delivery ever.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!

I'll check in again later.
Best of luck.


kbabe1968 said...

WHAT???? No baby yet???? (just kidding of course!).

Of course, I imagine you dropping it out sort of "Meaning of Life" Style and completely returning to what you were doing! LOL :D

Cannot wait to hear until my newest little one is here to love and adore - you know how I adore your children!!!

Kisses to ALL of them!!!