Friday, October 20, 2006

Whatcha Craving Baby?

How about a big bunch of nothing? At least this time around.

I got to thinking last night about all the cravings I've had during each pregnancy (since thinking about food doesn't give me heartburn...yet) and they have all been so different.

First baby~a girl~I craved deep fried tacos. I had only ever had one in my life up until that point. When I was about 10 my best friend's grandmother took us to Sebio's Lounge in Bethlehem and I had my first deep fried taco there. By the time I was pregnant with #1 (10 years later) and had that HUGE craving, we went to the now-defunct Zapata's~same road in the same town. They had some really awesome Mexican food there and sadly, not only are they not open, the building was razed to make way for a *gag* Wendy's.

Second baby~a girl~I was working part-time evenings for the Globe Times in circulation and I would waddle on over to the lunch room to buy a King Size Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. That's 4 cups in one package and I ate a full package every night. Somehow I only gained 11 pounds despite all that.

Third baby~a girl~I had a huge craving for plain boiled new potatoes; no salt, no butter, no nada-just potatoes. That was until my last month. Hubby was working a second job at a convenience store and brought home a pint of Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk EVERY night. I ate the whole thing EVERY night. Another tiny weight gain regardless~go figure.

Fourth baby~a boy~nothing. I had no cravings at all and kept waiting for one to hit but it never happened.

Fifth baby~a girl~I ate almost a full bag of Snyder's of Hanover JalapeƱo and Cheddar Pretzel Pieces daily. No heartburn, no ill effects, no WAY I could do it now. I've tried eating them since then and I can't handle the heat. I also ate a version of peanut butter soup I found in an old Campbell's cookbook~PB and condensed tomato soup mixed together. I know, GROSS, I still like it but not like I did then. I also ate a ton of ice and didn't have any iron deficiency at all to blame that one on.

Sixth baby~a boy~nothing again. I did eat a lot of hummus and whole wheat pita and veggie burgers but not really because I craved them. I was just trying to do the healthier thing.

Seventh baby~supposedly a girl~nothing...and sometimes something. Make sense? Mostly I don't have cravings at all but I have an occasional taste for something and one or two bites does it. Like the chicken pot pie...I don't want it anymore now that I've had it. I have far too much heartburn to eat much of anything lately anyway so if I did have a craving I'd have to suffer through it or take some serious antacids before and after.
I keep having people tease me about boy/girl twins (it's definitely ONE baby) and if I did have them it would explain the craving issue based on my history; you think?

So....pregnant or not, what are you craving?


kbabe1968 said...

Okay, trying again, I had the whole thing typed out and it got dumped! AHHHHH!!!

Baby #1 - girl - mac & cheese, tomatoes and peanut butter. I had to have all three every day or I could not sleep. :D

Baby #2 - boy - same as above PLUS Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (no substitutions allowed).

Baby #3 - girl - I actually craved good for you food. Could not get enough salads, veggies, etc. I also craved the mac & cheese, toms and pb...but wasn't allowed much. I had gd with the last one so I was NOT allowed to indulge in ice cream this time. Oh well. THANKFULLY my great friend Tamara sneaked a Butterfinger Blizzard into the hospital after I delviered! You need good friends.

Well, the things I crave now I cannot blame on pregnancy. Nor can I satisfy them as we live in PA again, not Phoenix. I would kill ofr an In and Out cheeseburger, a Sonic Frito's Chili Pie or a Carnitas Burrito Bowl from Chipotle's.

The trade off is I can have Mack & Manco's Pizza, Cheese steaks worth eating and Rita's Waterice (Mango of course).


KFarmer said...

Son- Little Debbie oatmeal pies, great northern beans w/cornbread, and cooked cabbage (which I had never ate before)

Daughter- broccoli and lots of it (which I had never ate before too- stunk too bad, just like cabbage).

My family would just stare at me like I had two heads when I ate- but for the first time I actually felt hunger and consumed HUGE amount of foods.

The count is on huh sweets? It wont be long and you will have your newest bundle of love. That heartburn- wonder if he/she is going to have a head full of hair? :)

Anonymous said...

Seven babies... wow, you are one incredible woman!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Marion said...

With my first baby, I took licorice into the delivery room...I could not be far away from it throughout my whole pregnancy.

Second baby...chicken noodle soup!

I agree with kfarmer...I bet the baby will have a full head of hair.

Cate said...

When I was pregnant with our son (now 4 years old), I craved Boston Market's Sweet Potatoes and had them daily for a good month. It took a good year or two after that before I could even look at them.