Friday, July 14, 2006

Grow Your Own

My last post was an excellent reason to have your own vegetable garden. It honestly is not expensive and doesn't take a Master Gardener or a degree in agriculture to do. It is a bit time consuming but very much worth the effort.

This is partial haul from one weekend:

This is leaf lettuce. We planted 8 plants and at first I forgot that I planted leaf lettuce and kept waiting for heads to form. It could have been harvested a bit earlier but it was still great.

This is our zucchini, mint, parsley, dill and bush beans. I knew we wouldn't have problems with bush beans since we had grown them quite easily at another home. At that place they were the only thing to grow! The next door neighbor wasn't able to grow zucchini because they had worm problems but so far ours have been growing like weeds. We pulled our first cucumber yesterday and my pickiest kids were all over it. They love cucumbers but are very particular about how they taste. It was gone before I was done slicing it!

I don't use pesticides and weed control was all done by hand (ugh!). Our yard is not in the sunniest of locations either so where you may already be putting up your harvest, we are still waiting on some things. The peas we planted got too much rain and sort of petered out, the carrots are taking longer than anticipated and the radishes...well, 20 days may be normal for other areas but here they just didn't go at all.

This is also our first year here and most of everything we planted was experimental just to see if it would bear fruit. I did plant strawberries but the plant was no good and it didn't root. I also have pumpkin vines, a watermelon vine, tomato plants, pole beans (a friend gave me extra plants), sunflowers, oregano, basil, chives and lavender in addition to too many flowers!

If you don't have a garden or haven't tried because you're afraid it won't work, give it a second thought. It's not as hard as it looks and I am always of the mind that if your yard grows weeds well it can grow almost anything well.


Anonymous said...

I always plant a garden. If nothing else, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers,and some kind of squash.

The veggies taste unbelievably delicious when you bring them in from the garden and prepare them.


Barbie said...

We are container gardening this year. So far, the tomatoes are nice and bushy, but no signs of fruit. The peppers.. well, one plant has buds! We have 10 pots lined up down the side of the concrete by the garage. No weeds that way :)


eyes_only4him said...

i am way too lazy to grow a garden..but everytime i have to spend an arm and a leg to buy fresh produce, i reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Oh I envy you! I really wanted to plant my own vegetable and herb garden but sadly I dont have the green thumb. Though I had a pot of rosemary... hehehehe

mathomhouse said...

We had one lovely salad before the caterpillars came, but we decided to make the best of it and keep the caterpillars instead -- they turned into those creamy-white butterflies with the velvety brown spot in the middle of each wing. Oh well!

Luckily, the caterpillars don't seem to like cilantro or basil!

Anne Coleman said...

Ew, BUGS! We're getting swarmed by Japanese Beetles and more locusts than I care to mention have come out of the ground right IN my garden-blech. Had I known...