Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Garden Fresh Romaine Lettuce with Grilled Chicken Breasts and a Dressing of Coddled Egg, Parmesan, Dijon and Garlic Topped with Toasted Croutons

Or uh, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad.

Whatever happened to normal recipe and menu names? Has anyone noticed that nowadays the norm seems to be "the longer the better"? Really, how long does it take to order something like that in a restaurant, and just what do you put after that as a description? I doubt that I would make it as a modern-day menu writer.

Could you see Waldorf Salad on a menu now? Sliced Apples and Celery with Green Grapes and Lightly Roasted Walnuts in a Classic Mayonnaise Dressing. Yeah. Right.

When will McDonald's step up to the challenge? Remember that jingle? Two All-Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles Onion on a Sesame Seed. All fun back then, wasn't it? Bet they're wondering now if they should have left that up as a menu title!

I shake my head at the food world most days. Just what are restaurant owners trying to prove? If it isn't the craziest mixture of ingredients, it's got to be the most unimaginative recipe title that wins you a spot with the higher-ups. They leave nada to the imagination and even less to the palate.

Well, here's to good old Fried Chicken, Cole Slaw and French Fries. Hopefully somebody will still have those 3 things on the menu today.


KFarmer said...

Here's to simplicity! :)

Marion said...

mmmm...can't wait to try your recipes.

Thicket Dweller said...

Just found your blog via Hind's Feet. Good stuff! This recipe looks lovely. I'm hosting a Garden Party at my blog; feel free to post some photos of your garden. I'd especially love to see your herb garden, as I'm an herb lover myself. :-)

Nice to meet you!